March/April 2017 Walleye Count: 1,416

May 2017 Walleye Count 906

June 2017 Walleye Count 2,242

July 2017 Walleye Count 1,409

August 2017 Walleye Count 149


486 yesterday


Our 61 customers on Sunday ended up with 386 and today we had 340 for 50 people. 


Tues 26 had 235. Wednesday was 181 for 19 people and today was a limit catch of 330 for 11 customers. 


2 boats scored 761 yesterday. All 3 boats out today.  877 Perch returned with 48 customers


490 spread amongst 2 boats and 29 people today. 


Yesterday was a slow one. 42 only had 196. Today we had 142 for 18 customers. Dockside a couple days due to very high NNE winds


After a couple days at dock, we are back at it with 3 boats this morning. 


478 for all 3 boats yesterday. All 3 are preparing to head out again this morning. 

515 was the final for today. No boat tomorrow due to very high and gusty winds. 


Finally back on the water. Yesterday 👎 15 Perch for 46 people. Today 217 for 11 people. 


Been a half decent couple of days. 856 brought back by 32 customers and today 778 for 32. 


All 3 boats today with a total of 68 people came back with the best one day total this Perch season with 1199


58 customers spread across 2 boats came 55 Perch short of a customer limit today reeling 1685 over the rail. All 3 boats out again tomorrow. 


Another 1044 Yellow’s are being added today by our 3 boats. Tomorrow may be the last day for several days, if not for the season.  This current weather pattern and shift will be the determining factor. Stay tuned...


Please call the store at 419-734-9002 to check on our next possible Perch trip. Keeping an eye on the weather. 


24 people fishing equals BOAT LIMIT of 720 Yellow’s. Nice start after not heading out for a few days due to wind. 


1110 Yellow Perch which is a customer limit for 37 fisherpeople today plus 100 for the crew ending the day with 1210. A good day on Mother Erie!


A customer limit of 390 for 13 customers who didn’t care about the cold and rain. Not a bad couple days. 


Yesterday we totaled 720 for 22 customers and 4 Crew plus returned an hour early. Perching has been fantastic lately, but we will be sitting tight the next couple of days due to wind. Heading back out Wednesday


Our next Perch trips will be Saturday and Sunday 11/4/17 & 11/5/17. Call today and book as the season is coming to a close!


Fishing is still fantastic!  Customer limit of 540 for 18 yesterday. Next planned trips are Saturday & Sunday due to windy conditions next couple of days. Call now to get in before it fills and the season ends!


1291 is today’s grand total. Drifter had 450 for 15 and in an hour early. Cindy boat totaled with 540 for 18 customers and the Fox cane in 3rd with 301 for 15. Back at it tomorrow and looks like Wednesday will be next trip after tomorrow.


41 customers and 3 Fish short of a limit yesterday. 1227 for the total. Weather moved in faster than predicted, so the trip was shortened.  We hope everyone arrived home safely after the nasty weather pushed through all afternoon.  Next trip is Wednesday...BOOK NOW! 


Winding down to the final trips of 2017. No trips Thursday & Friday due to winds. Saturday & Sunday trips are business as usual with trips both days. We have added BONUS TRIPS for Monday & Tuesday 11/13/17 & 11/14/17.  Those two days are $60 CASH per person and we are giving away FREE PASSES, CLOTHING as well as ROD/REEL COMBOS. BOOK EARLY AS WE ARE ONLY TAKING A LIMITED AMOUNT OF CUSTOMERS. 419-734-9002

Our trip today with 34 customers returned with 822 Perch. 


295 yesterday plus 6 Walleye for 20 customers.


Monday we added 163 Perch and 1 ‘Eye for 10 people. Yesterday 27 customers headed out. Update soon. Today is our last customer trip of the season.  287 yesterday and the 29 today came back with 723 and 2 Walleye.