March/April 2017 Walleye Count: 1,416

May 2017 Walleye Count 906

June 2017 Walleye Count 2,242

July 2017 Walleye Count 1,409

August 2017 Walleye Count 149

March/April 2018 Walleye Count 1,587

May 2018 Walleye Count 5,675

June 2018 Walleye Count  6,675

July 2018 Walleye Count 2,903

August 2018 Walleye Count 133

April 2019 Walleye Count 839






3 Walleye caught by crew on spring trial





First post of the 2019’s great to be back!  28 Walleye for 27 customers this morning!  Now trip tomorrow due to weather, but Friday it’s back on!




The bite is on!  A private charter on the Drifter limited out plus our crew had 1 totaling 49. Add to that the headboat count of 15 customers bringing back 42 puts today’s total at 91 Walleye. We still have room tomorrow aboard tomorrow afternoon’s trip!




Our two headboats combined for 89 Walleye yesterday morning.  Our two boats in the afternoon plus a mid day private charter combined for 52 Walleye.  All 3 boats heading out this morning.  119 for 56 customers today




20 customers caught 55 Walleye today 




Not a bad day for our 22 fisherpeople as 64 Walleye made the trip back plus 2 Yellow Perch




14 customer limit plus 4 to add for the crew today totaling 60 Walleye. Gonna blow tomorrow and Friday. Back at it Saturday.




All 3 boats out this morning.  Not looking good for tomorrow or Monday at this point. 

From our Facebook Page...

DEJA VU.... good fishing today and now comes another 2 days of wind... the Yelton charter, aboard the Irish drifter, scored their 18 man limit of gators ...the other 2 boats added a combined 83 gators to the daily total,  thus adding a grand total of another 155 to yearly total... 20 anglers fishing on the afternoon boat right now  ... another strong NE morrow may cause some flooding yet again... stay tuned.... back out fishing on Tuesday.... CATCH  YA LATER WALLY-GATOR  !!! ✌️



20 customers on yesterday afternoon trip caught 66 Walleye. Thanks to Mother Nature, no trips today or tomorrow.  Back at it Tuesday


The wind just won’t give up. Tore up water and more wind on the way. Yesterday morning trip mustered up 22 Walleye for 34 customers and last night we ended with 9 Walleye for a day total of 31. No trips today due to wind. Thursday and Friday we’ll be back at it but dockside again Saturday due to the wind. 


19 Walleye for 12 people today. Thanks to the forecast, Mother Nature and whoever else you want to trip tomorrow or Saturday. Hopefully back at it Sunday


Happy Easter!!  After this miserable weather & wind, we finally were able to leave dock this morning with 16 customers. Weather looks to be improving this week, so make those reservations to get out for some Walleye!  7 Walleye today...we should see water improvement coming up.