March/April 2017 Walleye Count: 1,416

May 2017 Walleye Count 906

June 2017 Walleye Count 2,242

July 2017 Walleye Count 1,409

August 2017 Walleye Count 149


First trip of the season under our belts and 17 Walleye netted for 26 customers. Back at it tomorrow. 



Yesterday our 29 fisherpeople brought back 27 ‘Eyes. No trip until the 6th


31 Walleye for 22 people today. Weather looks to slowly improve, so fishing will hopefully improve as well. 


Yesterday with 2 boats...26 customers returned with 29 Walleye. Today our 7 customers and 2 crew returned an hour early with a boat limit of 36 Gators!  Weather appears the same for tomorrow and we have room, so get out and enjoy some fresh air!


17 limits plus 1 out of 18 limits today for 69 total Walleye. Fishing is good...get your reservation in now!


Another fantastic day on Mother Erie!  15 Customer limit plus one Walleye for Chief First Mate Randy, so we add another 61 ‘Eyes to the count


Yesterday we had another successful trip. 9 customer limit plus 3 for the crew. 39 total

We are running today, but due to high NE winds this weekend, we will be dockside hoping our store doesn’t flood for the next few days. Will update on our next possible trip. 

One boat limit and the other was close. 52 customers iced 186 Walleye today. Been a great bite, but the weather will hold us up from continuing the elusive hunt. Stay tuned here or Facebook for updates